About this site

Howdy I'm Gonçalo, known as gmhacker around the web3 security community. I am an Aerospace Engineer turned Smart Contract Security researcher. I try to write down my thoughts and learnings, both for myself and potentially to help people navigate the crypto world, and occasionally the real one.

What I'm currently doing

  • I'm the Smart Contract Lead Engineer at Immunefi, the leading Web3 Bug Bounty Platform. Immunefi has helped protect billions of dollars in DeFi funds. I work there as a Smart Contract Developer, an internal Researcher and a Whitehat Bug Report Triager. I help making the bridge between whitehat hackers reporting vulnerabilities and DeFi projects.

Let's connect!

If you wanna connect, be sure to DM me on Twitter!

gmhacker Immunefi PFP
gmhacker PFP